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Stay KOOOOK / Bern, Switzerland

2019 - Interior Design - 62 Rooms

Welcome to our backyard

The interior design supports the exchange of the KooOok community.  After entering through a garden door / gate you see the fireplace as the center piece. The idea of sitting around the fire leads to the idea of having a sky above it. Thus, we developed ceiling graphic that is an abstract star map.  Around the fireplace there are more areas like a balcony and a co-working space which can be also used as a stage. In addition to that we have a green house where you can reserve the kitchen area that has a pool table and plants as the  center piece. The interior design picks up the vibe of being outside while having the comforts of being inside.

The Kooook is a new brand that launched in 2019. It is a long stay concept with guest room size microapartments. A moveable wardrobe and bed make a smalle room really spacious and livable. The apartment has a kitchenette that fulfill all needs of a long stay guest. The small entrance area seems big because of the glass we used for the bathroom wall creats an open airey feeling. The interior design is modern, clam, with a little  hint of playfulness.

Designed Areas: Public Area & Guestrooms 

Client: SV-hotel

Work for: JOI-Design

Collaboration: GBH - London, PAB - Architects, Goepfert - Engineer 

Lobby interior design
hand sketch lighting design
furniture plan walk in wardrobe
mirco apartment hospitality design
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