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Lighting art


Designed Areas:

Canyon Hike​


City Kiefersfelden


Work for:

Studio Kybra, Detmold


The Gießenbachklamm in Kiefersfelden is one of the most spectacular canyons in Upper Bavaria, Austria. The 20 different lighting,  music, and art installations are stretched over a 4 km canyon hike. The illuminated night walk leads through woods, past the water and at a height of about 60 meters above the gurgling mountain stream along the cliff. Sections of complete darkness alternate with mystically illuminated groups of trees, light arrangements in rock domes, video projections on bizarre granite massifs or dreamy light houses with shadows.

Felsenzauber Lighting Art
Felsenzauber Lighting Design
Lighting Art Installation
Felsenzauber Lighting Art
Lighting Design Installation
Lighting Art
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